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Bemu is a young and modern company settled in Marknesse, in the North of Holland.

The company has been established in 1989 and is specialised in the sale, repair, service and representation of Valtra tractors. Mr. Jan Mulders and 10 well trained and educated employees are running the daily business, like sales, service and spare-parts.

In our well equipped workshop with advanced machinery we are able to offer our customers a professional service and repair for all models of Valtra tractors.

With an almost complete range of Valtra spare-parts in stock in our parts-center we can give you the best service needed immediately. Also other brands of tractors are welcome in our workshop for service and repair.

For service and repair in the fields we dispose of some well equipped service vans. And in an urgent case we can send out our low loader for replacement of a tractor.

Because service and quality gets our priority and because we wish to be 'the best specialist' in our area, we send our mechanics on a regular base on training so they can stay up to date with the current techniques.

Thanks to our high service degree and our extensive knowledge on agricultural related machines a lot of customers from the agricultural, custom-work, forestry and green-area business have found their way to Bemu marknesse.

Bemu Service

In our workshop we can carry out almost all kind of service and repair of your tractors. We dispose about the following service tools:

  • Special computer programs, to repair and modify your tractor quickly
  • Horsepower-tester, to test the engine of your tractor
  • Own made special service tools to work efficiently
  • Wheel, rim and tire equipment tools
  • Hydraulic presses up to 100 Ton
  • Hydraulic test equipment
  • Compression controllers
Bemu Parts

We have a large inventory on new and used spare-parts of Valtra, John Deere and Volvo BM tractors in stock. If we have not the parts in stock you are looking for, we can deliver them within 24 hours. At our address you are on the right place for all other kind of new and used spare-parts of several other brands of tractors and farm machinery!

We have the following spare-parts as below in stock of the 05-, 6000- and 8000-series Valmet and Valtra tractors:

  • Gearboxes
  • End-drivelines
  • Engine-parts
  • Front-axles
  • Rear-axles
  • Cabs
  • Body-work
  • Etc...

We are always looking around for used tractors with all kind of damages, also for demolition. We have a large selection on new and used wheels, rims and tires of several brands and dimensions, so don't hesitate to call us or please send us your request.

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RTK-GPS Steering for tractors and machinery

We have a large selection of RTK-GPS steering-systems of SBG INNOVATIE for the agricultural business.

SBG Innovation is an engineering/development office with activities in the agricultural business, with production of automatical steering-systems destinated for tractors, combines, farm-machinery such as ploughs and fertilizer spreaders and other 3-point mounted and self-propelled machines.


One of our exclusivities is the sale of the Challenger-generation track tractors.

Besides the fact that we have already sold several Challengers we have continuously a full line of models we can offer you. For more information about these Challengers, please call us, or check our website on a regular base.

Contact us

Bemu Trekkerspecialist
Expansie 5
8316 GB Marknesse
the Netherlands
Email:[email protected]