Vredo VT5536 built for efficiency

Vredo launches the updated VT5536 self-propelled slurry injection trac. With 22 cubic meters tank volume, it fills the gap between the bigger VT7138 triple-axle and smaller VT4556 dual-axle trac. New technology enables quick loading and unloading.

A clear demand from current Vredo customers, was and is to maximize field time and thus increase capacity and efficiency. Also specific ground pressure of the machine should be kept to a minimum. The result is the updated VT5536 with its capability to load 21 cubic meters of slurry in just 1 minute and 20 seconds. This has been achieved by using an efficient displacement pump to accelerate the loading process. Only during the onset of loading, this pump is working. Onwards, the loading process is taken over by a centrifugal pump, after which the high slurry volume is loaded to the tank in this short period of time.

Also it is possible to unload 16 cubic meters per minute, thanks to the same centrifugal pump. Such pumps need only little maintenance. By realizing this high loading (and unloading) speed, the machine can spend more time on the field, enabling the customer to use his day more effectively. As said, in terms of tank size, the new VT5536 is positioned in between the bigger VT7138-2 triple-axle with 32 cubic meters tank volume and 710 HP engine, and the smaller VT4556 trac with 16 cubic meters and 450 HP engine.


The aeration system of the manure tank has been completely revised, using new smart valves to prevent dangerous under- or overpressure during loading or unloading. Clean air comes in from above, thus preventing the vent pipe from clogging. This ensures safety and also avoids messing during transport. Ground pressure is evenly distributed in 50-50 percent over the two axles of the VT5536. The front axle is suspended, providing comfortable conditions for the driver. In general, the trac is easy to operate.

Power and drive-line

The VT5536 is powered with a six cylinder Scania engine with a maximum output of 550 HP, which is 100 HP more than the smaller VT4556. The new trac drives at a speed of 40 km/h at only 1050 rpm. This is possible because of the efficient drive-line, equipped with the new VVT550 (Vredo Variable Transmission). It enables stepless shifting and acceleration from 0-40 km/h. The unique VVT transmission in combination with efficient and mechanical transmission to the wheels, provides an efficient drive line. It is fully in-house developed by Vredo. Easy access to the transmission makes maintenance a simple job. In addition, the external drive of cooler, manure pump and other features contribute to this fuel efficient drive-line.

EngineScania DC13 six cylinder Stage V, 13 literMax. output 550 HP, 2.450 Nm @ 1.400 rpmTank volume 865 liter, 63 liter AdBlueDrivelineVredo VVT550 stepless CVT transmission40 km/hr @ 1.400 rpmAutomatic 4WD lockOmsi four wheel steering axles 900/60 R42 tiresManure application22 cubic meters tank volume12.000 l/min. Vogelsang centrifugal pumpVredo FT 6200 cutting filterOptional loading acceleratorBypass systemMeasuresEmpty weight 19.700 kg3 meters wide

Vredo VT5536 built for efficiency

Wednesday, 20 December 2023

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