Faresin Leader PF3 up to 40 m3

The Faresin Leader PF3 self-propelled mixer wagon is equipped with 3 vertical augers. Flagship of the range, initially offered in 30 and 36 cubic meters capacity, is now also available with 40 cubic meters, meeting the needs of increasing large farms.

Equipped with three steerable axles, with the front and rear driven by permanent four-wheel drive, the Leader PF3 is maneuverable in any type of cowshed, despite its large size.

The engine is located at the rear, allowing for better heat dissipation, panoramic side visibility and improved accessibility during maintenance operations.

Compared with two-auger versions, the Leader PF3 is equipped an oversized 2200 mm diameter cutter for rapid fodder processing.

The Leader PF3 also features the exclusive “Ecotronic” system, which guarantees properly mixed rations. This new system interconnects all the machine’s devices and allows, starting from the recipe, to program all functions, according to the raw materials that are loaded. It ensures, thanks to strict parameters, optimal management of all loading, cutting and mixing processes to prepare the best possible quality feed.

Faresin Leader PF3 up to 40 m3

Thursday, 4 January 2024

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