Precision Planting opens new facility

AGCO subsidiary Precision Planting is expanding its footprint in Illinois USA, to better serve global dealers and customers. The company began assembling and shipping from the modernized plant in October 2023.

“As more farmers adopt a ‘retrofit first’ mindset – which is upgrading the technology on the equipment a farmer already owns, no matter the brand – Precision Planting needed to invest in more capacity to meet the growing demand,” said general manager Keith Crow,. “We are making what farmers today are looking for in precision ag technologies, which translates to the use of technology solutions that improve efficiency and crop yields.”

The new facility, which will produce more than 40 product lines when fully operational, consolidates eight locations scattered throughout the Tri-County area into a more efficient and higher-producing operation. Retrofit technologies assembled and shipped to more than 30 countries from the Morton location include sensors for planting, yield monitors for harvesting equipment and products for fertilizer applications.

Employing more than 220 employees, the Precision Planting assembly and distribution center represents the latest investment in this Central Illinois company.

“Including this new facility, our headquarters location in Tremont, a development office in Bloomington and a research farm in Pontiac, Precision Planting employs more than 400 people throughout the region,” said Crow.

The Precision Planting facility was designed for growth, with room to expand should demand for precision ag technologies increase.

Precision Planting opens new facility

Thursday, 25 January 2024

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